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I'm Baaack....

Hello everyone,

well it's been awhile since i've posted so i figured i'd update things a bit. me and steve broke up awhile back and despite numerous attempts to be civil and be friends, i'm afraid no contact at all will be able to happen. i feel sad for my daughter, but i've been hurt too much and for too long and i can't be a good mom if i'm not in a sane state of mind. steve's not exactly father of the year as it is, and i think i accepted a long time ago that i would be doing this on my own. thing is, steve's not really a bad person, just a bad boyfriend and friend accept to those who don't deserve it. that's about all i'm gonna say on the subject- it's a bit too depressing for me right now.

well all else is pretty great, as a matter of fact. serenity is amazing and keeps me happy, sane and busy. my friends are awesome, and to all i haven't been able to see lately or as much-miss you guys. mostly i do see who matters to me. my family's great- everyone helps out alot with the baby and it makes me happy to see her make them so happy. my apartments looking pretty good, i got most of my bills paid off thanks to tax time and opened up an account for her. not to shabby if i do say so myself. i even have lost 20 lbs. since her birth and i'm still working on it with my friend Shonah, so hopefully by the summer, i'll be where i wanna be.

Went to Foxwoods for my birthday a few weeks back- awesome time- good friends- will return i can promise you that. played poker with joe, ash, justin, and will last night and enjoyed that. got the 50 first dates soundtrack- buy it- it rocks.

to Ash and Joe- so sorry for the recent loss of lexie. i'm glad i could be there with you when it happened. she was the most awesome dog ever and i don't think anyone will forget her or the great times we had with her.

well that's about all for now. take care to all those who care enough to tune in. lots of love to all my friends and family.

"tough times don't last; tough people do."

To Steve:

fuck what i said
it don't mean shit now
fuck the presents
mine as well throw em out
fuck all those kisses
they didn't mean jack
fuck you, you HOE
i don't want you back.

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